But I have a chance. But it was a very quirky ending which i loved as it is within the mood of this drama – where the quirkiness, humour is interspered with the serious stuff. Probably would never be given his own sense of justice and how he saw as injustice done to his father. I have seen him in the movie “Runway Cop” and he was hilarious!! A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Although my passion for dramas has died down after KOD, I was even eager to read the finale and even watch it. In spite of this, all the members who have participated in the Birthday Party seemed to have enjoyed it, leaving with a happy feeling, I am so glad. Hopefully, the rumors are true!

He looked at the nice solid gold snake statue from the Chinese fans. Se-kwang returns a smirk to Bi-ryung when she urges that they clean their hands of their actions. Well, Joong Man was a bit of a mean guy. There are two kinds of people, Cha-don adds โ€” those who repent for their sins, and those who never do. I want to thank you all for the enjoyable ride! The second was to check the lighting and sound equipment on the eve of the party.

But she was also the one that suffered the most of the revenge. Overall, thanks for the recaps, Gummimochi. But, as it turns out, it also can be one of the most corrupt professions, with plenty of opportunities to shake down gamblers and pocket some extra cash. For all the members who participated in the Birthday party, we thank you incarnatoin your gifts.

CaroleMcDonnell April 24, at 1: Am I satisfied with the ending?

[summary] The Incarnation of Money โ€“ Episode 24 โ€“ the talking cupboard

Koney click the link in that email to complete the email change process. It makes me appreciate life more now instead of taking it for granted. About Se Kwang – it did turn out to be a tragedy where he is concern.


I’m so sorry I forgot to thank you. Lee Cha Don is holding a coin while standing in front of a bookcase full of money, the full bankroll, he he he. How much do I love that Ji-hoo is one of the three judges in court? Money can make some people turn a blind eye to the sight of a nearly dead person but at the same time, money can bring two different drwmacrazy together. Anyone knows where to watch this drama online?

This title is currently unavailable. I loved dramadrazy recaps which are filled with mnoey nuggets of insights and full of humour; some of your one liners are really soooo funny. Apart from that, I also loved how the show made me think about what those rather abstract things like ‘justice’ and ‘righteousness’ and ‘revenge’ really mean.

An opportunity to reflect on my wicked life. I don’t like it that SK was ultimately dealt w in a murder-suicide by Angelina. Jae-in beats herself up for being the last to incaration and asks why her father decided to show up now, twenty-five years after he first left them.

Park Sang Min Main Cast. Cha-don brings Jae-in to see his late mother and she greets off future mother-in-law warmly. Cha-don takes in a deep breath as the wedding begins and can barely stop himself from smiling.

Episodes by LollyPip. But the romance haaaa so get back!

korea dramas

It was about a theme. Unhappily, his team did revenge in the wrong way and our hero did revenge in the right way. Incrnation an option Broken Link Video out of sync Wrong video. I’d have liked to see her try. This drama made for some cozy talks. This is the only drama that interest me this past few months.


What really stood out to me about IOM is that it wasn’t about the revenge of a man against another bad man. But having a tragic past just doesn’t give anyone the right to harm innocent people. When they get back to the estate, Dad offers his bald head so that he can receive his righteous retribution for his misdeeds.

Incarnation of Money: Episode 24 (Final) ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

The shooting was stopped twice. Considering that kang ji hwan gives them so effectively It seems that Dramacrayz Hwan has prepared a gift for the White Day.

She dramafrazy thanks the late Madam Park for giving birth to him and promises to treat him well. Now, it is a desirable situation where the public is very satisfied and I seem to receive a reaction. In the picture, Hwang Jung Eum is in short hair and a wedding dress, making various facial expressions.

There are many unanswered questions – what happened to the YSCU? Thanks for the recap.

Thank you for your recaps. This drama probably had epksode flaws and plotholes, but after it started picking up the pace, none of them actually bothered me a lot anymore. Cha-don had reminded her of her own words that a mistake can make an innocent person into a criminal, and giving up lets a criminal go free. I think the reason I loved it so much is because it completely exceeded my expectations – because I didn’t have any. It was terribly strange that he put two insoles inside his shoes which they pulled out.

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