It’s going to be hard saying goodbye to this drama As he looks up, a shower of flower petals rains down on him, which makes him think of the flowers that fell when he was with Yeon-woo. It is Dream High that got him this role, I believe apart from his obvious talent. I’m watching it and finding it great fun. Yeo Jin Goo really held my attention!! But Bo-kyung and Yeon-woo are children. I know woon’s supposed to be hwon’s bodyguard but am i the only one that finds woon just sitting there staring at our king sleeping supah weird?

I think Jung Il Woo can pull the role better. He brushes it aside, though, and compliments his opponent on a good game. The guards stop him just outside, with orders to keep him here at all costs. I gotta say that it’s the opposite for me: I can wait until the next episode! I really enjoy the sarcastic acting and low voice of kim soo hyun. This is my way of protecting the king. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity:

I love that their meeting reprises their first pairing in Iljimae. Dae Hyung notices her in the reflection of his bloody sword and sends his assasins after her.

I am really looking forward for next episodes in the future. I like the series but mostly for Kim Soo Hyun and the teenagers Episode 4 by Regals. I could totally see him as Hwon, well a taller, more mature, more cynical, less naive, less jovial Hwon, but the character Hwon whom I’ve loved since episode 1 is still there! Page 1 Page 2 Next page. Even drajabeans I know I’ll need super glue and a microscope to put my heart back together. I’m going to be looking for his moon walk One day that moonlight will cut your own lifeline!


I need one of those.

Javabeans January 12, at He tells them not to worry, he is not planning on running away. THANK you girlfriday woah.

Beg for that forgiveness, and atone for your sin yourself. BTW, the original female lead was Moon Geun Young but then she declined the offer due embracong the fact that the popularity and awareness of the main lead actor is not that high: Being a prince but having no future except as a potential destroyer everyone is guarding against. I also embraicng that elements of fantasy would add extra mystery and suspense to the drama, a la Queen Seondeok.

And with that many number of saeguks on her resume, she’s practically a veteran lol!

The Moon That Embraces the Sun: Episode 5 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

I am sure that he will become so famous and capture by girls’ eyes because of his charms, mm. Sigh, I agree with you there’s no better actor for this roll than Jung Il-woo. And then imaginary Little Prince trips and falls, and without a second thought, Yang-myung runs to catch him, forgetting his angry tears. Was it a good drama? I hope that happens. Because there’s no other way, if you think about it, this love story is pretty much about removing those obstacles Yang-myung, Bo-kyung for them to be happy.


So if my line of thought is correct, then it would mean she already is the crown princess before she grew up, therefore in the future, wouldn’t it mean that she has sort of already won Bo Kyung, so once she recovers her supposed amnesia, she would be able to be her queen legitimately right?

And between I love you girls!! Hwon cuts through the babble with one dramabewns And she’ll get back her memory?????? Episode 6 by Helcat. Preach, preacher up in here. I was expecting a real happy ending, and Idont really think the ending is a happy ending because many people are sacrified for hwon and yeowoo’s romance. The episode was well acted and beautifully shot but the plots are similar to many other recent sageuks. I might check it out soon! I am looking forward for each and every episode.

The Moon that Embraces the Sun Episode 1 Recap

I have already decided this is going to be my all time future favorite, so writers, do not bail on us in the last eps! Some things never change.

DeeDee January 8, at 7: Moreover, if I seem to grasp a word or two from modern dramas, in the historical ones it seems they speak a totally different Korean.