Pandorum is a science fiction horror film , with elements of Lovecraftian horror , and survival adventure. Retrieved 1 November There is one life support chamber with Cooper’s name on it, which is empty. When Bower is banging on Payton’s hyper sleep chamber from the outside it says Payton, but when it cuts to looking from inside out, it says Bower. It was one of my favorites of the whole decade. Amusingly enough, it was the same, my mother and I were surprised at how good it was. The following review will contain spoilers.

While Manh distracts the mutants, Bower restarts the reactor, killing many mutants. Retrieved 1 November I liked how it handled things, from the explanation of where the mutants came from, just what was going on, the twists it had and the general explanation of everything. The flood triggers an emergency protocol which ejects all active pods to the surface; Gallo and the remaining mutants drown. There is rarely ever any silence. Eight years into the mission, the ship receives a transmission from Earth in multiple languages: A tad ranty, but I knew that coming in.

Ya I’m kidding you. They fight until Bower insists they open the view portal so they can see where they are. It really is almost perfect. It pandorrum a solid atmosphere, and great gore, but does nothing to expand on these great things that it has.

Pandorum Movie Review (SPOILERS: It Sucks)

The Hunters stop to eat him, giving the three a chance to escape. No time to appreciate the characters. The path to get to the reactor core is extremely dangerous.

I liked it also, and hoping moviee a possible sequel.

Pandorum Movie Review Summary

Through sign language Bower convinces Mahn to show him how to get to the reactor, so he can reset it, to get power back to all the ship’s systems to give them a chance to secure themselves from the Hunters. Science fiction magazine SFX stated that ” Pandorum is the finest interstellar horror in years” and awarded the film 4 stars out of 5.


It inspired many sci-fi horror movies such as another classic The Thing. This leads to severe paranoiadeliriumand nosebleeding. Amusingly enough, it was the same, my mother and I were surprised at how good it was. The chick and chinese guy were a bit over the top, but to me, it was an action packed adventure with a deep and epic undertone.

Hate reviews like this – so subjective, very little objectivity. Constantin Film Impact Pictures [1]. Meanwhile, Payton encounters Corporal Gallo, who claims that the ship is lost in space and that he killed his team in self-defense after they developed pandorum. This movie sucks, and I advise you not to see it. The flood triggers an emergency protocol which ejects all active pods to the surface; Gallo and the remaining mutants drown.

Believing no studio would want to make the film, Milloy thought about making it as a low-budget film shot on video in an abandoned paper mill with unknown actors. Payton takes this opportunity to attack Bower again.

I actually loved Pandorum, I thought Ben Foster and Dennis Quade did a great job, and even Dennis’ characters alter-ego did a good job. Because he went into Payton’s pod, Gallo mistakenly believed himself to moovie Payton.

Meanwhile, it is revealed that Leland the young paranoid man that Payton finds in the ventilation shaft is actually in Payton’s head and that Payton is suffering from Pandorum – the mental space illness.


Bower and Nadia escape to his pod, and are ejected to the surface as well. If you truly want a full-proof way of finding out if a movie is gonna suck or be mediocre, then go see if Dennis Quaid is in it. And yes, I’m a total geek for horror. At this point, Bower is starting to go insane from the stress. Now I’ll go to one of the few things that this movie gets right: The film began life as spoipers preliminary script written by Travis Milloy in the late s.

Best part of story, including ending: The film ends with Bower and Nadia looking at the new world as the other pods surface. Christian Alvart was attached to direct the film, based on a script by Travis Milloy.

Sometime in the future, earth is movue low on resources, and humanity is warring over whats left. The ship jettisons all remaining escape pods since there has been a hull breach. However, the main problem here isn’t just that it’s bad.

Separate from membershipthis is to get updates about mistakes pandormu recent releases. Retrieved 1 December Bower hopes to find his wife but remembers that she died with everyone else on Earth.