Critics identify Hadleyburg as a microcosm of America society, representing both the strengths and weaknesses of the nation. While passing through Hadleyburg, he suffers an offense that angers him. The real nature of Hadleyburg becomes apparent as the story progresses. Meanwhile, when Cox tells his wife about the strange happenings, she says, “Nobody knows this secret but the Richardses. Should he be honest and admit that he, too, submitted a note? This audience comprises the basic unit of community. This picture of robot man is grim and pessimistic, but not without hope.

Allusion to the following passage in the New Testament: Prominent Citizens of Hadleyburg. Mary then wonders why the stranger selected the minister as monitor of the public proceedings for determining who should receive the gold. Edward and Mary await their name with anguish, but surprisingly it is never read. On the very night that the stranger was begging money in Hadleyburg, Stephenson says, he was nearby and overheard the remark in question. Yoonmee Chang is a Ph. Thank You for Your Contribution! In other words, when a person sins, the payment he earns is death.

Nationalistic behavior in this case is believing in the fictive Hadleybufg dream, continuing to work for pennies in the hopes of achieving it, and disseminating this ideology to other would-be Americans.

He then reads the rest of the remark: He scandalized the town in the past. Richards and Cox meet at the foot of the printing-office stairs; again there is no need for words; but Satan has timed their mechanical reflexes so precisely that they meet just two minutes too late to spoil his hadlryburg. How are we to identify the Corrupter, remain true to the text, and strengthen and extend Mr. The town hall meeting to decide the rightful owner of the sack arrives, and it is packed sujmary residents, outsiders, and reporters.

The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Goodson then halted his marriage plans and credited Richards with finding out about her—or so Richards believes.


Hadleyburg symbolizes the status of mzn after the fall into sin. With the consolidation of railroads and advances in communication America began to consider itself a true nation.

The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg Summary & Study Guide

Edward and Mary become Adam and Eve figures, the offended stranger becomes the snake or Satan, and Goodson representing God. As soon as I can get at the facts I movle undertake his rehabilitation myself, if I can find an unpolitic publisher.

In the following essay, Nebeker extends critic Henry B.

She encourages her husband’s deceitful activity and shares in his guilt. It reveals that the stranger fabricated the entire scenario in order to avenge himself for the offense he suffered moviw traveling through Hadleyburg. The proceeds, he says, should go to the only honest man left, Edward Richards. Mary is elated but not for long, as Edward tries to recall the details of his good deed.

The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg Summary & Study Guide

Hadleyburg residents congratulate one another for having been singled out as a town that could be trusted to determine on its own the citizen who is to receive the fortune in gold. The short story is usually concerned with a single effect conveyed in only one or a corrrupted significant episodes or scenes.

With all the claims presented, another note in the sack is opened. In the morning, the stranger takes the sack to his hotel and at ten o’clock completes the transaction with Harkness.

A person who lives righteously, however, receives eternal life as his payment. The story has also been recognized for its critique of materialism. Dramatic irony among the characters allows Burgess to exact his own subtle revenge on the townsfolk.

The mass production of the printed word let Hadleyburg brag about its honesty on a national scale.


Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. Absorbed in thought and irritable, Mary comes across a letter that she had received earlier from a Howard L.

The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg: a Study Guide

Edward and Mary await their name with anguish, but surprisingly it is never read. Non-existent, Stephenson is merely a fictitious persona conjured by the offended stranger to facilitate his corruption of Hadleyburg. Traps baited with Initiatory Impulses toward high ideals. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: The story ends with the comment, “It is an honest town once more, and the man will have to rise early that catches it napping again.

The result is a stupefied group intellect, or lack of it, that seeks to homogenize the opinions and desires of its members. The next claim reads the same, and the town hall bursts into laughter at the obvious dishonesty behind the incorrect claims. Second, both of these men are willing to defer vengeance until they can find a suitable means of exacting it—one which will cause the offending victims to suffer and, at the same time, leave them aware of the agent of their suffering.

Most laborers worked at factories for low wages and usually in dangerous conditions. Ingoldsby Sargent, and Nicholas Whitworth—all with similar versions of the first part of the remark. But it was also a time when that unity was thrown into question as the common American citizen realized that her low-paid, back-breaking work was mainly contributing to the outlandish wealth kan a few powerful men.

In the first place, both tales concern men seeking revenge for some unspecified corruoted.