Refers to the list of video codecs supported for decoding by a Chipset. If no variants are found, then the value returned will be the same as “MaxInternalStorage”. All platforms are ordered by the number of events associated with that platform that occurred in the sampling period. Indicates the device’s Ingress Protection Rating against dust and water http: If the device manufacturer or vendor does not specify what the screen type of the device is then it is assumed the device has an LCD screen. Indicates if the browser supports the JavaScript that can manipulate the Document Object Model on the browser’s web page. Refers to the list of audio codecs supported by an operating system.

For devices such as tablets or TV which are predominantly used in landscape mode, the pixel height will be the smaller value compared to the pixel width. This list of codecs is supported for capture on a basic software installation. The month in which further development for the platform version is stopped by the platform vendor. This property is not applicable for a device that does not have a battery. Indicates the name of the operating system the device is using. If the browser supports a gauge, the meter property should be used. Indicates if the device is primarily marketed as a tablet or phablet and has a screen size equal to or greater than 7 inches. Examples of devices that support this property are the Nexus One and Blackberry Curve.

Indicates if the browser supports the ‘Iframe’ element, used to embed another document within a current HTML document.

Indicates if the browser supports CSS3 Color, allowing author control of the foreground colour and opacity of an element.


Indicates if the browser may be optimised for low bandwidth.

Refers mvoie the width of the device’s screen in inches. The year in which further development of the browser version is stopped by the browser vendor. Indicates the maximum amount of memory in gigabytes GB the expansion slot of the device can support.

A1c property will return the value ‘Unknown’ for desktop or for devices which do not have an integrated screen. Indicates the resolution of the device’s front camera in megapixels. Indicates the capacity of the device’s standard battery in mAh.

Indicates what certifications apply to this device. Indicates the number of bits used to describe the colour of each individual pixel, also known as bit depth or colour depth.

Refers to the suggested optimum height of a button in millimetres. Indicates if the browser supports CSS3 transitions elements, used for animating changes to properties. Indicates if the browser supports overflowing of clipped blocks.

Indicates the carrier when the device is sold by the HardwareVendor on a single carrier or as indicated via device User-Agent. Indicates the number of physical CPU cores the device has. Indicates the data set version or cloud service the property and values are contained within.

This property includes support for both transform and transform-origin properties. This property is applicable for Apple devices which do not provide information about the model in the User-Agent string.

Refers to the ‘Retail Branding’ value returned for Android Google Play native applications, when the android. Indicates all model numbers used by the hardware vendor to identify the device.


Indicates the source of the profile’s specifications. You can access and download more thanapps directly from your tablet.

Indicates if the browser supports CSS position, allowing for different box placement algorithms, e. Furthermore this allows data to be processed faster, meaning 3D games run better than ever! For devices that operate via mains power only, e.

This property is not applicable for a device that does not have an integrated screen, e. Smartfren Andromax Tab 7. Assumes the actual device DPI is being used. Unless otherwise stated this property will return a ‘False’ value for tablets.

Indicates if the device has a camera. Many mobile browsers, by default, come with an operating system OS.

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Indicates if the browser can draw CSS images into a Canvas. For devices such as tablets or TV which are predominantly used in landscape mode, the pixel width will be the larger value compared to the pixel height. Indicates the internal persistent storage ROM capacity options the mogie can be supplied with in gigabytes GBincluding the device’s Operating System and bundled applications.

If the device has a rotating camera, this property refers to both front and back facing cameras.